Vegan Tofu Butter “Chicken” – Vegan Indian Cuisine Recipe

Vegan butter "chicken" For the Tofu "chicken" Marinade 600g Good quality firm tofu 1 large chunk of fresh ginger 4 cloves of garlic 1 cup cashew nuts (soaked in hot water for 20 minutes) Garam masala salt dry red chili tumeric sweet paprika cardamom white flour juice of one whole lemon To your blender add the cashew nuts with 1 cup of water or

Alkaline Vegan Marinara Sauce

Alkaline Vegan Meals Inspired by Dr Sebi's Nutritional Guide In this video, I show you a Quick and Easy way to Make Alkaline Marinara Sauce. This sauce is great on pizza, as a filling or a dipping sauce. To order "The Healthy Vegan" Taco Seasoning and Chili Lime Seasoning visit the link below: I

VEGAN PIZZA DOUGH RECIPE | Easy & Delicious Vegan Recipe

Now it's our healthy and delicious vegan pizza dough recipe turn! It takes very few ingredients and it's so easy to make. We make it with wheat flour, and you can had any and every ingredient you like. Extremely easy, super quick, and way too good! A vegan pizza is a