4 Easy Recipes To Help You Go Vegan

Roasted Red Pepper Vegan Mac 'N' Cheese Ingredients for 2 servings 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 small onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced ¾ cup raw cashew, soaked in water for two hours 1 red pepper, roasted 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 ½ tablespoons cornstarch ½ teaspoon salt

The Best Ever Vegan Burger #VeganWeek

Ingredients for 4 servings 1 cup walnut 8 oz cremini mushroom 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided 2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce ½ teaspoon cumin 1 yellow onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon red bell pepper 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 cup black bean, cooked 3

Trinidad Street Food: Okra Recipe + Sada Roti, Fried Plantain in wraps/boxes at Trini Kitchen London

The mixed "taster" box I had was absolutely delicious and consisted of: * Rice "n" Peas (Matter Bhat). * Tamarind Chutney (Amli Sauce). * Okra / Ochro dry Curry aka ladies fingers (Bhindi Shak). * Avacado. * Lettuce Salad. * Fried Plantain. * Spicy Mango Pickle. * Homemade Coleslaw (without Mayonnaise). * Cucumber Chutney. FRIED OKRA RECIPE INGREDIENTS: * Vegetable Oil. *

Traditional Curry Pigeon Peas (fresh from the garden) | CaribbeanPot.com

Ingredients 5-6 cups shelled pigeon peas 3 1/2 tablespoon curry powder 1 tablespoon amchar masala 1 teaspoon tumeric 1 teaspoon roasted cumin (ground geera) 1 medium onion 5 cloves garlic (grated) 1/2 scotch bonnet pepper 1/2 cup water (for cooking curry) 4-5 cups boiling water 1 tannia (2 potatoes will work) 3/4 teaspoon salt (adjust accordingly) 2 tablespoon Caribbean green seasoning 3 tablespoon veg

Vegan Tofu Butter “Chicken” – Vegan Indian Cuisine Recipe

Vegan butter "chicken" For the Tofu "chicken" Marinade 600g Good quality firm tofu 1 large chunk of fresh ginger 4 cloves of garlic 1 cup cashew nuts (soaked in hot water for 20 minutes) Garam masala salt dry red chili tumeric sweet paprika cardamom white flour juice of one whole lemon To your blender add the cashew nuts with 1 cup of water or

The Creamiest Vegan “Cheesy” Broccoli Soup #VeganWeek

Ingredients for 10 servings 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 potatoes, cubed 3 carrots, sliced 3 cloves garlic, minced salt, to taste 6 cups vegetable broth ½ cup cashew ½ cup nutritional yeast 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon pepper 1 head broccoli, florets roasted or steamed Preparation In a small

VEGAN POT PIE | Vegan Chicken Pot Pie | The Edgy Veg

Ingredients 3 tbsp coconut oil 1 small onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup carrots, chopped 1 stalk celery, chopped 1 small potato, diced ¼ cup + 2 tbsp unbleached all-purpose flour 4 cups no-chicken or vegetable broth (I made a quick broth with bouillon cubes) ½ cup unsweetened plain soy milk 1 tsp dried thyme 2 bay leaves 1 cup

Easy VEGAN Indian Food | Pav Bhaji recipe!

Vegan Pav Bhaji Recipe 1/2 large onion 3 garlic cloves 1 tsp minced ginger 1 cup bell peppers 1 cup mixed veggies 1/2 cup peas 1/2 crushed tomatoes 1.5 cups boiled + mashed potato 2 tsp salt 1 tsp chilli powder 2 tsp Pav Bhaji Masala powder 1/2 cup shredded cabbage 1/2 large lemon 1/2 cup vegan ricotta or 1 tbsp vegan butter cilantro Sautee chopped

Tandoori Mushroom Recipe (Vegan Portal)

This Tandoori Mushroom recipe is exact dish for those who always hunger for spicy food. Vegan Portal has created this wonderful video recipe tutorial to display you how this yummy and tasty dish is prepare. How to make Tandoori Mushrooms Recipes Ingredients . 200g Mushroom . 3 Garlic cloves . 2 tbsp Fanugreek Leaves . 1/2