Sweet Potato Cake – Vegan

I am so in love with sweet potatoes and this recipe is great! You need: (dough) 200g sweet potato 200g flour 200g ground almonds 150g sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder pinch of salt 50ml oil 150ml almond milk (frosting) 200-300g sweet potato 100g dark chocolate Bake with 180° Celsius for 45-50 minutes. German blog about Cooking and Baking: Beautyblog: Twitter:

Potato Hacks [Waffle – Chips – Pudding – Pizza]

The plain old potato is super versatile & our Whole Starch Low Fat (WSLF) Facebook Group members come up with the BEST healthy hacks! Make sure to join in on the healthy recipe hacking fun WSLF Facebook Group Laiken's Channel Amanda's Channel Bento Boxes via ♦ 55 Health Whole Food

Pizza grilled cheese

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Slow cooker pizza

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