Vegan Smoothie Bowl Ideas! {easy + healthy}

#1 Chocolate & Oat Smoothie: 4-6 dates, soaked in water for 15-20 min (or even overnight) a handful of ice (~ 8-10 ice cubes) 1 cup non dairy milk (250ml) ½ cup oats, small cut (45g) 1 ½ Tbsp cacao, unsweetened 1 Tbsp almond butter topping ideas: cacao, oats, granola, berries, almond butter   #2 Blue Lemon Vanilla Smoothie: 2-3

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Cake || Gretchen’s Bakery

Back by popular demand my newest vegan version of the most fabulous Gretchen's Bakery Original: The Mint Chocolate Chip Layer Cake! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE CLICK HERE FOR 7" CAKE PANS CLICK HERE FOR PEPPERMINT EXTRACT CLICK HERE FOR VEGETABLE GLYCERIN CLICK HERE FOR CAKE TURNTABLE CLICK HERE FOR


These vegan mint chocolate cookies are absolutely delicious! If you are looking for a great summer dessert, look no further. These cookies are super rich, have a great crunch, and the cooling sensation of the mint is like the icing on the cake.... or in this case, icing on the

Shamrock Shake Parfait || Gretchen’s Bakery

Ah yes, the infamous Shamrock Shake. Reincarnated here as the Shamrock Shake Parfait! Most of us have distant memories of this holiday treat from our far away days in the fast food lane. Layers of vanilla cake and light mint mousse will bring you back to St. Patrick’s Day McDonald’s style only way

Cool Asian Pear Sparkler Summer Drink Recipe

I show you my refreshing yet healthy Asian Pear sparkler with mint and fresh lemon. This is the perfect cool summer drink for these hot and sweaty days. This is a gluten-free and vegetarian recipe. Sugar can be substituted for honey to make it a vegan recipe too! Ingredients: 1) Asian

Minty Melon Summer Drink | Vegan Recipe #82

For the full recipe, check out my blog at This drink is cool, refreshing, and soooo easy to whip up! This is my signature summer drink. Don't miss us on Facebook and Google+ - -