Pomegranate Punch | Basil seeds Pomegranate Mocktail, Healthy drink recipe

How to prepare Pomegranate Punch, Basil Seeds Pomegranate Mocktail This Pomegranate Punch / Pomegranate Mocktail is different from your usual pomegranate juice. To make this delicious pomegranate punch / mocktail you just need three ingredients basil seeds, pomegranate and lime juice. Basil seeds also known as Sabja seeds is one of

Healthy Drinks – STRAWBERRY LASSI – motion baking (vegan)

Wanna have a quick healthy drink? This Strawberry Lassi is easy, healthy and super delicious. You can make it vegan and sugar-free. Ingredients for 2-3 portions: - 500 g strawberries - 500 ml (soy) yogurt - 100-200 ml (soy/rice/...) milk Music: Payday by Jason Farnham

Superfood Hot Chocolate! Healthy Winter Drink Idea!

Superfood Hot Chocolate! Easy Winter Drink Thats Yummy and Healthy! DIY Winter Drinks that are Winter Drinks that are Quick! Hot Chocolate that is full of superfoods and is comforting as well as yummy! Dairy Free and Vegan Hot Chocolate for Winter! THUMBS UP for more healthy recipes! COMMENT BELOW

How to cook simple vegetarian drink at home

Hey, guys! It's Real Cooking Channel - all about healthy food and drinks! From this video you will learn how to cook very simple cocktail from water and fruits. Cheap, healthy and doesn't take time. Cook it and enjoy it!