Blueberry Quinoa Pound Cake Recipe Gluten Free & Vegan

Please comment, like, share & subscribe! Simple wholesome ingredients and easy to make. This cake is not overly sweet, it's moist and delicious with little bursts of blueberries! You can serve it with a drizzle of maple syrup to sweeten to your taste. Perfect as it is

Delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

How to make this delicious vegan chocolate cake recipe In this video Lorelie shows you how to make a super easy and super delicious vegetarian chocolate cake. This cake is also frosted and filled with a vegetarian soy butter chocolate cocoa frosting also in the video. Stay to the

vegan – vanilla cake – recipe – english

ingredients: 300g flour 100g sugar 30g baking powder 32g vanilla sugar 65g shortening 350ml plant milk find me on musik by Music: Cappelletti Show by Serena Giannini Direct Link:

Vegan Carrot Cake – Loving It Vegan

Vegan Carrot Cake - Loving It Vegan. Moist, rich vegan carrot cake with a wholesome flavor and gorgeous color. Topped with lemon buttercream frosting and crushed walnuts. Ideal for any special occasion, or just Sunday afternoon tea. For the full recipe visit: Find more delicious vegan recipes here:

Mug Cake Recipe Vegan

Finally you can have your cake and Eat it too. Lose Weight and enjoy cake. Perfect vegan mug cake recipes. You will love it. You're welcome. My new channel(Maxinescornerlifestyle) 👉🏾Subscribe to the channel here: *Join our weight loss support group: Get connected *Facebook page: *Instagram Page: * **Watch some of

Raw Vegan fruit cake – Watermelon carving

Raw vegan Diy- Fresh Fruit cake Perfect for summer or adapt with your seasonal fruits Things you will need: Watermelon Berries Sprinkles Knife Great to make it with the kids! Enjoy summer!

Vegetarian Soy milk cake(no eggs no baking powder )。純素杏仁豆漿蛋糕 (無蛋無泡打粉)

歡迎參訪 Carol 自在生活 BLOG 歡迎訂閱 Carol自在生活頻道 Vegetarian Soy milk cake(no eggs no baking powder ) full recipe : serves/makes: 5 Ingredients : 120g Soy milk 30g Caster sugar 1/2 t Lemon juice 15g Vegetable oil 10g Almond powder 50g cake flour 1T almond slices *Preheat the oven to 170°C (338°F) 20-22min 「Twin Musicom」創作的「Italian Afternoon」 是根據「Creative Commons Attribution」() 授權使用 演出者:

Торт “Кокосовая нежность” сметается за секунды! Vegan! Cake “Coconut tenderness”

Здравствуйте друзья и подписчики канала! Сегодня будем готовить совершенно постный и веганский торт. Он не содержит ни капли животных жиров, но это ни сколечки не влияет на его превосходный вкус. Торт получается очень нежным и вкусным! Моя камера не засняла процесс украшения торта, но зато остался конечный результат. рецепт: мука 300г сахар 150г масло растительное

Lamington Mug Cake – 2 minute vegan [vegan for beginners]

Easy vegan recipes for beginners. Subscribe to my channel for regular updates with healthy vegan recipes and not so healthy accidentally vegan recipes. Cooking vegan meals can be simple whether you follow a vegan diet or just want quick recipe ideas. I can show you how to make delicious vegan

Sweet Potato Cake – Vegan

I am so in love with sweet potatoes and this recipe is great! You need: (dough) 200g sweet potato 200g flour 200g ground almonds 150g sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder pinch of salt 50ml oil 150ml almond milk (frosting) 200-300g sweet potato 100g dark chocolate Bake with 180° Celsius for 45-50 minutes. German blog about Cooking and Baking: Beautyblog: Twitter:

Fruit Cup Cake || No oil || Fruit rich Vegan Recipe

This fruit cup cake is fat free and rich in fresh fruits like banana and apple. Recipe - Whole wheat flour – ½ cup Powdered sugar - ¼ cup Ripe banana - 1 pc Apple - 1 pc Walnuts or dry fruits of your choice - 1 tbsp Baking powder and baking soda - ½