How to Make a Cake Vegan

How to Make a Cake Vegan
00:00:47 Steps
00:00:52 1 – Review the recipe to determine the non-vegan ingredients
00:01:15 2 – Search your pantry for items that make good substitutes for the non-vegan cake ingredients
00:01:44 3 – Omit the use of eggs from the recipe and replace with a comparable ingredient
00:02:30 4 – Replace any milk used in the cake recipe with non-dairy alternatives
00:02:58 5 – Substitute butter with equal amounts of a vegan butter alternative, such as margarine
00:03:37 6 – Choose a vegan sugar substitute, which is generally healthier than refined brown and white sugars
00:04:27 7 – Replace refined white flour with healthier alternatives
00:05:03 8 – Make the frosting
00:05:21 Tips
00:05:39 Things

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