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I will be making today veggie sunflower pizza with homemade pizza base. It is supereasy to make & delicious to taste. If everything is followed correctly, you will be able to make great pizzas with a choice of your own toppings for your family & friends.
There was a time when i used to make pizza at home with ready made pizza bread but after making breads at home, & finding out that they are way better than outside ones i make even the pizza base at home now.
Here the link to my video on HOW TO MAKE PIZZA BASE AT HOME:

Homemade pizzas tastes much better since we are using fresh ingredients when compare to store bought ones.

So lets see the ingredients:

homemade pizza dough (Kindly see the video link on top)

1 medium size onion
1 small size red bell pepper
1 small size yellow bell pepper
3-4 cherry tomatoes
100 grams fried cottage cheese
2 tbsp corn meal
pizza sauce
red chilli flakes
cheese for garnishing
butter for greasing tray

So, friends do try this super delicious homemade sunflower pizza recipe. You all will just love it.
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