Chocolate Banana & Marshmallow Cake Recipes (VEGAN)

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Hello my lovessss, I’ve been sooo excited to make this video!!! I’ve been thinking of ways to use allll the chocolate I got for Christmas and I thought this was perrrrfect.
Just to clarify I put the bananas in the freezer and the cupcakes in the fridge, both for around 2 hours ish but I just kept checking on them until I thought they were done! I didn’t want to say any exactttt measurements in the video because tbh I didn’t do any myself lolol, you can really play it by ear I think and just do whatever you think will be the right amount! And if there’s a little bit of melted chocolate left over then that isn’t the worst thing in the world is it!
I hope you enjoyed this and it showed you that ANYTHING can be made vegan, you aren’t missing out at all and it’s hellaaaa easy!
Please leave any video suggestions that you have down belowwww, THANKS FOR WATCHING! xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Chocolate Banana & Marshmallow Cake Recipes (VEGAN)

  1. I love your intro! 😀 Your commentary is really entertaining 🙂 and the
    marshmallow cakes look delicious <3

  2. OMG JORDAN!! Okay.. I know you probably live in the UK but you need to get
    in my kitchen ASAP. My mouth is watering :P

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