3 Fall Vegan Drinks!!

Hi loves! Welcome to day 2 of youtober!! These fall drinks are my favorite!! The infused water keeps so hydrated and I refill it at least three times!! The healthy pumpkin smoothie helps cleanses your body and nourishes you. The Pumpkin Pie Smoothie is to die for it is so

Fruit Blast Smoothie/Raw Vegan/Detox/Mix Fruit with coconut pulp and water

A smoothie is a thick beverage made from blended raw fruit or vegetables with other ingredients such as water, ice, or sweeteners. Contents Here we made Fruit Blast Smoothie with coconut water and flesh. Do enjoy this smoothie and let us know your feedback. Poha (Flattened rice) is a very popular breakfast in

Drink your Veggies Kids!-Carrot Apple Orange Juice-Yummy Raw Juice Recipe Video

This delicious juice recipe is a great way to sneak in a vegetable without your kid knowing. The recipe is very easy to make. All you need is some carrots, apples, oranges and a juicer! We are using the Bella Brand Juicer that we purchased from Target for $99. I

Morir Soñando – Orange Creamsicle Drink – Easy Vegan, Weight Loss & Diabetic Friendly Healthy Drink

Morir Soñando Recipe - An Orange Creamsicle Drink that is vegan and delicious. Today I show you how to make a vegan version of Morir Sonando which is a drink out of the Dominican Republic. This is an especially healthy version as I show you how I make it for

VEGAN GOLDEN MILK / TURMERIC TEA – Ancient Ayurvedic Drink 5 minutes Recipe

Vegan Golden Milk or Turmeric Milk or Turmeric Tea is an ancient Ayurvedic drink which can be prepared in 5 minutes. Golden Milk, wonderful beverage is a perfect evening drink. Golden Milk is loaded with Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti- Cancer properties. This is vegan version of golden milk made with

How to Make A Matcha Latte Using A Blender | Easy Vegan Recipe

Matcha Lattes have become one of my favorite replacements to coffee. Matcha is a Japanese style green tea that is an antioxidant powerhouse. Matcha is anti-inflammatory, stress reducing, and contains catechins which is anti-cancer. Traditionally you use a "chasen," or a wooden whisk to mix your Matcha, but this recipe


PAPAYA or PAPAW is found in abundance in Sri Lanka, growing effortlessly in gardens with little attention and produces a continuous bountiful harvest. Papaya juice is one popular drink at some hotels and resorts that even choose to serve it to their guests as a welcome drink. This recipe is

3 Mauritian-inspired Bubble Tea Recipes – Chai ✿ Alouda ✿ Panakon | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe

✿ Veganlovlie Recipes / Beverages / Teas ▶▶▶ 3 Mauritian-inspired Bubble Tea recipes that will bring a fusion of flavours and textures to your summer drinks – Mauritian Cardamom & Ginger Tea (chai) , Alouda and Panakon bubble drinks. ✿ FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE ✿ ▶ ✿ WHERE TO BUY ✿ ▶ TAPIOCA PEARLS


SUBSCRIBE for videos every Tuesday + Friday! VEGAN MEAL PLAN: In today's video we're talking about healthy drink recipes that are perfect for your summer! Whether you need something icy cold to start your day, or you're looking for a refreshing afternoon drink, or maybe you want something healthy for