Chocolate Flan – Chocolate leche Flan recipe


4 large eggs

370ml evaporated milk

300ml condensed milk

1/3 cup cocoa powder, unsweetened (more if needed)

1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

1 tbsp white sugar for each llanera for toppings

(optional) : heart shaped candies, sprinkles chocolate ganache or syrup


1) Melt 1 tbsp white sugar. Set aside

2) Bring water(1 liter) to a boil

3) In a bowl whisk eggs

4) Add evaporated milk

5) Add cocoa powder and mix until dissolve

6) Add condensed milk and vanilla extract

7) Strain mixture 4 times

8) Pour 1 cup of mixture into the llanera

9) Cover with foil

10)Steam for 45 min. to 1 hr. over low heat

11)Do toothpick check after 45 min. and if it comes out clean the flan is cook

12)Cool completely before unmolding or before chilling

13)Optional: top with ganache and heart sprinkles

14)Best served cold

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